What happens when a man dressed in black  interrupts my family dinner and destroys the season finale.

Season 3, Episode 12

Yes My fellow earthlings this is the season 3 finale. Little bit of a spoiler, it didn’t go as planned. I wanted to leave you with something thoughtful, inspiring and even spiritual. I owe it to you since you’ve been listening since day 1. 

However, as they always say, plan for the unexpected. Unfortunately I didn’t do that.

In my defence I was struggling with how to conclude this season. Everything I wrote was crap. I started one story just to run into plot holes and roadblocks. Also my dear sweet family was coming over from Jamaica. Great! 

Not because I don’t love my family but this gives me even less time to work on a finale.

That wasn’t the worst part. A man dressed in black sat nearby, no one invited him and no one could see him but me. The rest of the story you have to listen to and draw your own conclusions.

Thank you to the following earthlings who contributed to this season.

Emily Inkpin at EmilyInkpin.com

Jennifer Willis 

Alex from Time For Your Hobby Podcast 

Timothy Brien from Create Art Podcast

Tiffany C Lewis from rebellionlit.com

The Storyteller Graffiti Bleu

Shawntay from ctamarketing.biz 

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