Under The Dandelions

You try to move but you can’t feel your arms and legs. You try to scream but they can’t hear you. And then you hear a voice, is it an angel or your tortured conscience? 

Season 4, Episode 10

Everyday that you live your building a legacy, every moral decision will live on and affect the ones you love even the ones you don’t.

They may not make a statue out of you  or name a school after you but you will leave a legacy.

My wife said something profound the other day, “one of these children that I’m working with may grow up to be a serial killer.”

Not the most pleasant thought but She’s a childcare worker she sees their strengths and weaknesses. She’s been in the field for over 20 years.

Hopefully She’s wrong however these children will turn into adults and leave a stain or a blessing on humanity. 

The person in this story had it all: he was living the dream, with a fancy position, adorable son and a trophy wife. Outwardly he was a success.

Most of us get caught up on the exterior, we look at someone’s accomplishments and check all the boxes. We make little statues of them in our hearts. 

The interior is often neglected, seldom do we ponder on their contentment. We assume that accomplishments equals contentment while these little gods may be drowning in sorrow.

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