Suzy And The Enforcer

The mission was simple, follow the list and take out the targets. He obeyed orders without hesitation until he met The Suzy.

Season 4 Finale, Episode 14

A stable government Is the antidote for chaos. Human rights violation and tyranny is the result of unethical leadership.

Poverty stricken nations are not due to a lack of food or resources it stems from the elite. They devise schemes to stay in power and maximize their wealth at the expense of the citizens.

Human life is reduced to numbers on a spreadsheet or objects on a board they could move around.

In this story earthlings survived a nuclear war. Governments have fallen but a new one has risen to maintain peace. Their idea of peace is to force people to comply with their rules.

A stable government must have a healthy democracy where the citizens can speak their minds. We should be able to hold our leaders accountable and to make sure they’re living up to their promises.

In this story the ruling class is shielded from accountability and scrutiny. If one dares to challenge the authority their name will appear on the kill list.

Bullies need to be put in their place or they’ll continue stealing our lunch money or stuffing us in the lockers.

An unethical government is worse than a highschool bully for they could control every facet of our lives.

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