Stranger Things and Overnight Nostalgia

In my heart of hearts I’m not only a poet but a certified geek.  Stranger Things, Wonder woman, Star Wars and everything from Marvel is my jam. Some of you may thing its poor taste to like or even embrace this crude form of entertainment, and assume that all poets need to surround themselves with Shakespeare sonnets.

There is some redeemable qualities in watching these popcorn blockbuster hits, its not just about super powers and looking hot in high heels and a lasso.  These movies and shows, including Lord Of the Rings and Star Trek, has helped me to become more creative.

Let me know what you think so we can geek out together

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Author: Earthling

York Campbell is the host of the Poetic Earthlings Podcast, he’s a published author with over 25 years experience, in science fiction, poetry and short stories. His writing has been showcased in articles, radio stations and TV. He was also one of the pioneers in the underground hip hop movement in Toronto. Poetic Earthlings-Stories to alter your perception, is available on your favourite Podcast Player, Including Spotify, Tunein and iHeartRadio.

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