So Long Tarzan

We saw it coming, but didn’t expect it to happen so soon. This is a true story, but it’s not what you expect.

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So Long Tarzan

Last time we met was on Christmas Day, that’s when I noticed something strange. He didn’t greet me at the door as he normally did, he was withdrawn and reclusive not his light hearted self.  his age was a factor, rust seeped into his bones, his athletic legs of yesterday can hardly climb up the stairs.

My old friend has seen better days, half the time  he doesn’t know where he is, we call his name but he rarely responds, a high wheezing sigh parted his lips, was it fatigue or indigestion it was difficult to tell, a doctors visit would be too expensive and we couldn’t afford insurance, we had to watch our friend sink down the drain, his mind dissolving, body faltering. 

Two weeks after the Christmas dinner we received the grim but expected message, due to complications his family decided to put him down. $150 for a trained professional to inject a needle in the skin, he did not realize that today was his demise when they placed him in a cage and drove him to Gatineau. 

His small furry body absorbed the poison, his feline tail laid flat on the table. 

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