Ted and Nemron debate the moral implications of resurrecting the human experiment. By the press of the button humanity could be reborn, but is it worth it?

Season 2, Episode 1

This philosophical conversation takes place outside of our known universe. Everything we are experiencing is an illusion or more accurately a computer simulation.  If you haven’t listened to season one’s finale,  Human Data File 365, I suggest that you do. It may make more sense to witness the conversation of these supernatural beings that spun the galaxies into existence.

The original story was written a few years ago in my book Universe Splendor. When I wrote it, I wasn’t familiar with the Simulation Theory, the idea that humanity and all of life is a complex code. The goal of writing Human Data file was to explore and ponder spiritual mysteries.

That’s what I enjoy about writing stories, to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone, to challenge my worldviews and basic beliefs.
For the record I don’t believe in the Simulation Theory, even though one of my favorite movies is the Matrix. In this modern-day classic Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, is chosen to liberate humanity from there virtual world.

The proponents of the Simulation Theory have failed to offer conclusive evidence that Earthlings are mere 1’s and 0’s inside of a computerized algorithm. If we are only sophisticated codes  or subroutines controlled and manipulated by outside forces, then free will is a misnomer. If there is no such thing as free will then the concept of morality is a complete fabrication.

If we endorse the idea of Simulation Theory, then are actions right or wrong is outside of our control. You can’t blame the person that breaks into your home and kills your Poodle since his or her actions were preordained. Society would devolve into anarchy if we firmly hold this view. 

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