Quickening Part 4

Eric Raven discovers a horrible truth that possesses dire complications for the human race, but is everything all in his head?

Season 1, Episode 15

Dark Samaritan continues are time travelling adventure with a new dark twist, just when we got comfortable with two Eric Ravens from different time eras he pulls the rug from under are feet by questioning Eric’s sanity.

This is a fair question since our present day Eric suffers from mental illness and relies on medication to keep him stable. Hopefully this story is not all a delusion. To get a hold of Dark Samaritan he’s on Twitter @SamaritanDark

You could ask him questions about this episode and where he plans on taking the story. I’m not sure if he will reveal much but it’s worth a shot.I’m also on Twitter @Poeticearthling

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Poetic Earthlings will return on February 2 

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York Campbell is the host of the Poetic Earthlings Podcast, he’s a published author with over 25 years experience, in science fiction, poetry and short stories. His writing has been showcased in articles, radio stations and TV. He was also one of the pioneers in the underground hip hop movement in Toronto. Poetic Earthlings-Stories to alter your perception, is available on your favourite Podcast Player, Including Spotify, Tunein and iHeartRadio.

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