Quickening Part 3, Writing On The Wall

Eric Raven, are intrepid astronaut who embarked on a one way mission to Mars comes face to face with his doppelganger 400 years into the future.Dark Samaritan, the writer of the Quickening series has outdone himself by adding more complexities and intrigue into the current episode.I enjoy when a writer takes a familiar theme such as time travel, and morphs it into a different direction. Dark Samaritan is also good at placing ordinary characters into extraordinary situations. You can follow him on Twitter @Samaritandark The poem on the jail-cell wall is by the Nigerian poet and friend to the show, Okon Ukeme Cornelius Dominic, his Twitter is @Apoeticnovelist His book The Accent Ascent Of the soul is available on Amazonalong with a couple more of his books.

Thank you Okon for being a Super Earthling.Part 4 of the Quickening series is arriving soon. If you want to leave a comment about this episode or past shows, go to Poeticearthlings.com/contact scroll to the bottom and start typing.Music for this episode is by Jason Shaw  listen and download his music for free at https://audionautix.com/ also be a kind earthling and leave a donation.

Author: Earthling

York Campbell is the host of the Poetic Earthlings Podcast, he’s a published author with over 25 years experience, in science fiction, poetry and short stories. His writing has been showcased in articles, radio stations and TV. He was also one of the pioneers in the underground hip hop movement in Toronto. Poetic Earthlings-Stories to alter your perception, is available on your favourite Podcast Player, Including Spotify, Tunein and iHeartRadio.

1 thought on “Quickening Part 3, Writing On The Wall

  1. Earthling says:

    Okon, your amazing, thank you for this. I never saw this story from that perspective.

    Sorry it took me a while to respond to you, I’m still trying to get use to the website


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