The crime scene was cut and dry, a disgruntled accountant armed with a suicide vest seeked revenge. An old fashioned cassette tape was left behind, one that could elevate your consciousness or turn you into a killer.

Season 2, Episode 2

This story is a combination of two previous stories from season one: Murder within the colour wheel and Better version of you. To get the most out of this episode go back and listen to both of them.

Murder within the colour wheel and Better version of you seems radically different on the surface. How can I connect both stories to tell a bigger story? This was a challenge, but as a writer I welcomed it.

I listened carefully to both episodes over and over, again and again, trying to find the thread. I knew it was there I could feel it, but I couldn’t describe it completely. When I found the thread I started writing.

Inspiration? I have always been fascinated with mind control techniques, the idea that someone could manipulate our behaviour by inserting cleverly crafted words. Main stream media including social media has ways of shaping our reality. They sneak their way into our subconscious and plant seeds.

Unfortunately many of us are succumbed by their titillating messages and bombarded by their fake images. With careful moves on the chessboard they have reprogrammed our minds.

Thankfully this is not all of us. If we are mindful we can see through the lies and the misinformation. We can safeguard our most precious commodity, our mind.


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Poetic Earthlings Studio

I’m pleased to announce the opening of my studio from podcast production to voice over work. If you have a short story and would like to see it come alive in an audio production I could help you. I have produced over 400 podcast episodes and worked with authors from around the world, some of their works are on my show.


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Epidemic Sound supplied the music.

2 thoughts on “Programmable

  1. Wow a show to listen to. It placed me in the reality of my country and our fight for justice… It’s a tough call to know when to take a life or spare it when justice is to be served…

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