Panda and The Poet

I was a special guest on the Connoisseur Panda.
We talked about the current state of Hip-Hop, converting stories into audio dramas and finding inspiration from Netflix.

It was great speaking with Patrice Rostón, her energy and warmth is infectious. Please follow her on Instagram: @patriceroston or Follow The Connoisseur Panda on Twitter: @connoisseurpan.

House Of Flimsy Cards

The world is a deck of playing cards
Mixed and shuffled with jokers and kings. An ace in the hole, a jack of all trades, have carefully positioned this deluxe pyramid.

It rises and soars, it’s colours abound
impressive was babel before the fall. 
The clubs are at the bottom supporting the diamonds,
The Spades seem content 
in their affluent position. 
I enter my townhouse
they enter their palace 
can hardly afford my Kia
they are on their 3rd or 4th Lexus. 

The spades are controlled by the Queen 
she has them by her bra strings
and tells them what to do. 


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About the Author
York Campbell is the host of the Poetic Earthlings Podcast, he’s a published author with over 25 years experience, in science fiction, poetry and short stories. His writing has been showcased in articles, radio stations and TV. He was also one of the pioneers in the underground hip hop movement in Toronto. Poetic Earthlings-Stories to alter your perception, is available on your favourite Podcast Player, Including Spotify, Tunein and iHeartRadio.

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