Lessons I Learned From Trump

His style and mannerism may be offensive and crude, but we can all learn something if were open minded enough to listen. Don’t worry, this is not about politics.

Welcome to the Mothership, a behind the scenes podcast for members only. This show is intended for writers and other artist who desire to go against the grain. I will explain my writing process and how I come up with new ideas.

We also discuss overcoming mental barriers such as writers fatigue, writers block and the imposter syndrome.

All episodes are unscripted as I share from my personal experiences. I will share with you my mistakes, shortcomings and victories in order to give you the tools to navigate through your creative pursuits.


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Everything Sucks

Do you feel that sometimes everything sucks, and no amount of self help books or a therapist can get you out of the slump?

This micro episode maybe the cure.


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So Long Tarzan

We saw it coming, but didn’t expect it to happen so soon. This is a true story, but it’s not what you expect.

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So Long Tarzan

Last time we met was on Christmas Day, that’s when I noticed something strange. He didn’t greet me at the door as he normally did, he was withdrawn and reclusive not his light hearted self.  his age was a factor, rust seeped into his bones, his athletic legs of yesterday can hardly climb up the stairs.

My old friend has seen better days, half the time  he doesn’t know where he is, we call his name but he rarely responds, a high wheezing sigh parted his lips, was it fatigue or indigestion it was difficult to tell, a doctors visit would be too expensive and we couldn’t afford insurance, we had to watch our friend sink down the drain, his mind dissolving, body faltering. 

Two weeks after the Christmas dinner we received the grim but expected message, due to complications his family decided to put him down. $150 for a trained professional to inject a needle in the skin, he did not realize that today was his demise when they placed him in a cage and drove him to Gatineau. 

His small furry body absorbed the poison, his feline tail laid flat on the table. 

Confidence Killer

This is a story about my brutal murder by the hands of a psychopath

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Women’s Wrestling

I’m appalled at the exploitation of women, after listening to this you will to

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Human Data File 365

Everything you experienced in season one is a part of a sophisticated algorithm. You are not in control. All previous episodes was designed to alter your reality. Every decision that you make is prewritten in our software.

Season 1 Finale, Episode 25

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Battle For Karen

A line has been drawn with snipers on the roof, and cannons in place. War is brutal, however this conflict takes on a whole new twist.

Season 1, Episode 24

Written by Don Newton  If you want to be transported to a different world read his books,

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Endangered Bastards

Emma’s colleagues warned her not to take her work home with her. She should have listened, now she’s the one whose endangered.

Season 1, Episode 23 

Written by Tiffany C. Lewis author of the Michael Taylor Series available on Amazon.She usually writes crime fiction novels however she went outside of her comfort zone to write this science fiction adventure.next week is the penultimate episode of this season and you don’t want to miss it.Don Newton returns with Battle For Karen, a story replete with war, intrigue and an unusual conclusion.


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IRIS 2.0

My hot new coworker resembles my former girlfriend, however there’s something diabolical in her piercing eyes that will unravel the fabric of reality.

Season 1, Episode 22

I used to listen to Coast To Coast Am with Art Bell, do you remember that radio show?It was about Alien abductions, mythical creatures, time travellers and shadowy governments. In a nutshell it was a conspiracy show.People called in and spoke freely about strange lights in the skies.

Art listened without passing judgment.Some guy claimed he was a time traveller from the future, someone else claimed to see the inside of an alien ship.

I was glued to the radio, not wanting to miss a word. For the record I don’t believe in conspiracy theories but I find them fascinating, but I do believe the governments of the world is held to a code of secrecy.To Support The Show

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Dreams Lead

Self quarantined, Social distancing, Wondering if there’s a future beyond the Pandemic?

Dreams Lead will take you to a better world.

Season 1, Episode 21

This episode is written by Yewande Adebowale, a Nigerian Lawyer and gifted writer. It was difficult to choose one of her stories, since they’re all captivating.If you want stories and poetry to uplift your soul then I recommend Voices, and her new book A Tale Of Being, Of Green and Of ing… both available on Amazon.Music By: Sergey Cheremisinov

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