Canadian Peacekeepers

He found himself in the middle of hell. Bullets ricocheted, bombs exploded but there was a voice on the other side of reality desperately trying to get his attention.

Season 2, Episode 7

When I was younger I thought about joining the Canadian Military, the noble task of protecting the country and exporting Canadian values around the world was enticing.

The closest I came to wearing the uniform was when my best friend joined Air Cadets.
My two or three day stay was spent being barked at by the drill instructor and forced to do push-ups, I suck at push-ups.

Sometimes we could have a romantic or an ideologistic view of the Military, perhaps it’s just me. But after quitting Air Cadets in less than a week it confirms that I’m not military material.


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Aiden’s Escape

Aiden’s community was surrounded by four glass walls. No one imagined a universe outside of the confinements. His people’s two year lifespan consisted of procreation and survival. Aiden wanted to go beyond his limits, his only hope is to breach the wall.

Season 2, Episode 6

Do you feel that your life is one continuous maze with dead ends and detours? Social media is all about displaying our strengths and not our weaknesses. Aiden’s Escape will go beyond the walls to see how we’re manipulated and controlled.

There was a time when government officials and people in authority were respected, we took their word as the gospel and pledged our allegiance.

However, in this current time our vanguards of truth have went astray, not just the politicians but the media as well.

Is humanity under a microscope, controlled and tested by the corporate elites?
I’m not a conspiracy theorist, sometimes I like to stir the pot and ask questions.

It is healthy to questions things, to be critical but not a cynic. Challenging are basic beliefs and assumptions sharpens the mind.
When we forfeit are tools of reasoning we hold are mental doors open and accept every half-baked theory that flutters by.


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Hillside Crosses, Bonus Episode

This is a story of a modern day Mr. Scrooge. He was haunted by his former employees that hung from the Hillside Crosses.

Mr. Bender, a Senior Vice President at a major medical supply company, made it standard practice to fire as many employees as H.R. would allow before the end of the year as a cost-saving

His goal was to cut just enough
employees to save money, but not so many that production suffered. Every December, it was the same: fire and count the savings.

And each year, he was getting more and more efficient at his “corporate game” until one day, his game changed thanks to an old wooden cross and the grace of an
employee he once mercilessly fired.

Written by Brent Stark from the Most Precious Commodity podcast.
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Tim Hardie is the author of Hall of Bones, available on Amazon.
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Amazing Race

You were the fastest swimmer,
your tiny body made it across the finish line. This is Your story.

Season 2, Episode 5

Everyone matters, from an unformed fetus, to your grandmother in her golden years.
Human life is not irrelevant or random.
We are not cosmic accidents.
We are not insignificant space particles drifting aimlessly.

In are disposable, secular culture there’s a tendency to ignore the sacred.
Everything about us is sacred.
It’s important to remember within this Cannibalistic society.

This episode is the prequel to Eviction Notice from Season one, please give it a listen.


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Goldfish Suicide Letter

Life sometimes feels like a fishbowl,
you swim in one direction bump your head and swim the other way.
This goldfish had enough and decided to jump.

Season 2, Micro Episode

Goldfish’s Suicide Letter was written in a dismal time in my life.
I felt like a Goldfish in my small bachelor apartment as I contemplated the worse.

If you can relate to this story seek help, depression grows when you remain silent.

We need eachother, as the scriptures says, “man is not meant to be alone.”
And as John Donne phrased it, “No man is an Island.”


Timothy Kimo Brien is a poet, author, Podcaster and visual artist.
His show, Create Art Podcast, brings together all creative outlets and helps the listener to develop their own path.

I was a guest on his show, we had a great time talking about our favorite subject.
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E.C.G And A Bar Of Soap

Slipped on a bar of soap, struck my head and rushed to the hospital. In and out of consciousness as I heard my family plotting the unthinkable.

Season 2, Episode 4

To test your humanity you have to be pushed to the limit. Living in a perpetual state of luxury does not heighten spiritual awareness, on the contrary it could make you docile and impotent.

In our current North American culture we are in pursuit of the happy pill, or we desire for the Government to pay our bills, wipe our nose and take out the trash.

Whenever a nation becomes wealthy and at relative peace her citizens become apathetic and lethargic. Since there’s no wars to fight and famine to vanquish we become selfish and small minded.

Rather than giving ourselves over to creative projects and uplifting our fellow Earthlings we try to find blemishes.
Instead of forgiveness and understanding we are quick to press the cancel button.

In this story are main protagonist is on the verge of cancellation. On the surface he’s an awful Earthling who only cares about himself. However, before we reach for the cancel button we need to look at ourselves in the mirror.


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100 Year Old Churchgoing Chain-smoker

Charles Enigma, is the author of Return to Glory, he’s also a freedom fighter, a war hero and a complicated earthling. I invited him to my show but he slapped his bible across my face.

Season 2, Episode 3

Old charlie fought the Natzies in WW2, he stood beside Dr. King in the civil rights movement.

He was an intellectual giant, a straight shooter, and a realist.
As for me, I was his fanboy and consumed all of his books. It wasn’t just ink on paper it was fire and blood. His words shifted you into a different mindset.

I’m not sure why he slapped me across the face with his bible.
Old Charlie didn’t understand podcasting, his life was simple and he was determined to the end to keep it that way.


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Final Selfie

They ignored the warning signs,
eager to take off their clothes, jump in the lake and pitch their tent in the great outdoors. One of them confronted a native, took out his camera before the lights went out.

Season 2, Micro Episode

Do you enjoy taking selfies? It seems like everywhere you turn someone is posing for the camera. Selfies are awkward. They never seem natural, and don’t get me started with duck faces and cute filters to make you look like an angel. You’ll never catch me taking a selfie, if you do I give you permission to shoot me on spot.

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Earthling Spotlight


The one and only Danielle Novotny is in the Spotlight. She’s the author of the Remade series of books. This is a science fiction adventure that will hold you in your chair until the last page. Please click the link on her name, you could also purchase your copy on Amazon

Danielle Novotny grew up reading all genres of fiction and has always loved writing. Inspired by these stories, she began her writing career in 2016. Remade and Renown are the first two books in her Remade trilogy.

Read Together award.jpg


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The crime scene was cut and dry, a disgruntled accountant armed with a suicide vest seeked revenge. An old fashioned cassette tape was left behind, one that could elevate your consciousness or turn you into a killer.

Season 2, Episode 2

This story is a combination of two previous stories from season one: Murder within the colour wheel and Better version of you. To get the most out of this episode go back and listen to both of them.

Murder within the colour wheel and Better version of you seems radically different on the surface. How can I connect both stories to tell a bigger story? This was a challenge, but as a writer I welcomed it.

I listened carefully to both episodes over and over, again and again, trying to find the thread. I knew it was there I could feel it, but I couldn’t describe it completely. When I found the thread I started writing.

Inspiration? I have always been fascinated with mind control techniques, the idea that someone could manipulate our behaviour by inserting cleverly crafted words. Main stream media including social media has ways of shaping our reality. They sneak their way into our subconscious and plant seeds.

Unfortunately many of us are succumbed by their titillating messages and bombarded by their fake images. With careful moves on the chessboard they have reprogrammed our minds.

Thankfully this is not all of us. If we are mindful we can see through the lies and the misinformation. We can safeguard our most precious commodity, our mind.


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Falling Pictures(Bonus Episode)

Micheal discovered an old forgotten picture box, each photo has the ability to warp space and time.

Bonus Episode

Written by Brent Stark from his podcast Most Precious Commodity.

I stumbled onto Brent on Twitter, noticed his podcast and hit play.
Brent is one of those high energy motivational speakers, designed and engineered for TED talks. 
I enjoy his lighthearted, down home, carefree nature and he makes you feel good after each episode.

His show talks about the concept of time, if you listened to the first season of Poetic Earthlings you will notice a similar theme.

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Thank You

Thank you to the writing community on Twitter, #WritingCommunity, for your comments and retweets, I appreciate you.
Brent Stark, thank you for trusting me with your show.
My queen, Valrica, for coming through on the last moment to record Lilly’s voice.


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