Murder Within The Colour Wheel

A Utopian city made out of colours is devastated by a string of homicides, is diversity a blessing or a curse.If your a long time listener you may have heard this story before in an episode called Greying Out. I enjoyed writing the original story but I felt it was missing something.I reevaluated the main characters and the central themes and made some changes.Warning tangent ahead!There is many writers who treat their stories as monoliths, or the ark of the covenant that can’t be touched, and there’s others that perceives it as a river that’s constantly moving and changing. I’m in the second camp.Stories are living breathing entities, they develop and grow. You could read or listen to the same story twice and receive two different meanings.If you read a story about a child abduction before you have children it would feel like a different story after you have your own children. The same story takes on a different meaning depending on your situation.Writers who overlay their stories in concrete and force the reader to look through a narrow peephole are doing themselves and their readers an injustice. The best stories are tailored with questions marks, not periods.They are interwoven with possibilities and not conclusions.End Of tangent.The biggest change in this version is the mindset of the characters, each one is unique. I dug in a little deeper and drew out their emotions.MusicSpecial thanks to Jason Shaw from please listen and support this incredible artist. Other sounds and music by freesound.orgSuper EarthlingsThanks to Don Newton, Author of the Prophet, please follow the links, by the way his third book in the series is arriving on my birthday April 13th.Thanks to Gord Lanyon, Author of The God Hunters, available on Amazon.Thanks to the Archangel, Okon Ukeme Cornelius. Please support this amazing poet by purchasing his books on Amazon.

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