Missing The Super Bowl For No Good Reason

The council of man is deciding to revoke my male membership because I missed the Super Bowl for the umpteenth time.

Male culture consists of eating nachos, drinking beer and crushing the can on their forehead. They exchange war stories, show off their scars and tattoos, talk about babes and booze and their 8 litre engine.I don’t have a good reason to miss the game and whatever excuse I make would sound lame. All I know it was some team called the 49ers and the Chiefs and there star player, Oh what’s his face? Never been the macho type, my fist are not known to get into fights, even a paper-cut has me shivering, and I’m not into pissing competitions.It’s too bad the male species is reduced to a stereotype, less Shakespeare and more Al Bundy,less Davinci, more Homer Simpson.

We’re expected to live in a tightly confined border where the Male flag is firmly planted, where emotional expression is a single note and tears is a symbol of weakness. Women don’t have to put up with this crap, there not expected to swallow their fears and wrestle a gorilla, or care for a sports team because everyone is watching.Men can learn a thing or two, but unfortunately are heads are stuck in the Superbowl.Special Thanks:To the #writing Community on Twitter,Also please follow the link to Gord Lanyon’s novel The God Hunters, available on Amazon

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