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Life Replica

The host of this podcast died in the Season 3 finale, his wife reflects on his history and the desperate attempt to bring him back to life. 

Season 4, Episode 1

People throughout the centuries have tried to find the fountain of youth, the secret to longevity and the answer to immortality. 

Longevity can be attained by avoiding certain foods, Illegal drugs, and risky  professions such as Nascar racing. You can live in an iron bubble without stepping outside. But who wants to do that?

However, Immortality is impossible. We as earthlings have tried and failed miserably. But now there is hope. Thanks to Google, Amazon, Jericho Labs and other high tech cloud services your  consciousness could live on forever. Sounds cool?

Some people are horrified with the possibility that their mind could be uploaded into a computer or Life Replica. They feel the dead should rest in peace and not linger on a digital cloud. Probably they’re right.

You’ve heard the term, “gone too soon.”

Wouldn’t it be incredible to preserve the  consciousness of leading thinkers. Say for instance if Einstein,  Beethoven, MLK, Apostle Paul lived on. We can continue to learn from these great earthlings as their theories, music, science and social causes develop.  Not convinced? I’m not trying to  persuade you. This is merely a thought experiment. 

This episode was narrated by Tiffany C Lewis, she’s an author and business owner of Rebel Lit.

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