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Life, Death and Other Distractions

Jeff’s lifeless body is wheeled back and forth from the office.The first potential head transplant makes the news. Perhaps my colleague could leave his wheelchair behind but is this just a distraction?

Season 3, Episode 11

Most of us are distracted with the nonessentials. We worry ourselves to death about trivial things. We live in a world of distractions and as technology increases by the millisecond are attention divides.

Youtube and Twitter are the template of attention deficit. These short messages and videos are easily consumed in a couple of minutes. Shorter videos and tweets generate more likes and reshares. Longer messages are ignored. 

If you want to go viral it has to be short.

Back in my days and I’m not that old, people’s attention span was wider. We could read an in depth article without getting distracted by stupid cat videos.

But we crave distractions because it keeps us from asking profound questions, such as the meaning and purpose of life and what happens after we die. 

These are uncomfortable questions, we’ll rather talk about the latest Marvel movie or political scandals, but these are the most important questions.

When we investigate and answer these questions life itself will be more rewarding and beautiful.  

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