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How Steve Destroyed The world

One lottery ticket, one man’s quest for power. Click play to listen before the world burns.

Season 4, Episode 8

Everyone has the potential to turn into a monster, everyone including you. Some people may clutch their pearls and declare, “I’ll never cross that line” but given the right circumstances you may tip your toe over the line.

It’s sheer arrogance to think your above certain acts of evil, that somehow you’re immune to savagery. If we don’t guard our hearts we can all go astray. Steve was given money, power and attention. He could have used these three things to make a better world.

We may not be as rich or powerful as Steve but we are given certain traits and privileges. Too often we use them to further our agenda. What would happen if we all use these traits to help our fellow earthlings?

This may be a pipe dream since we’re living in the “me” generation. Advertising agencies and modern day  psychological theories focus on the self. We are called to care for the self and maintain a good self image.

Whenever I flip through Twitter or Instagram that’s all I see. Don’t believe me. Take a look at all the selfies. We’re obsessed with ourselves. We buy filtering apps to smoothen our skin and wait impatiently for the likes to climb.

Self has become an all knowing, all seeing, all powerful God. We should  criticize and judge people like Steve, but we should also look into the mirror. 

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