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Head Instigator

Have you met a person who’s the jack of all trades and the master of all.

The Head Instigator himself, Timothy Kimo Brien is my special guest on this bonus episode.
He’s the host of Podwrecked, Clearly Obtuse and Create Art Podcast.
He’s also an author and visual artist. Timothy shares candidly about his battles with MS and how it influences his creativity.

S3 Ep 3 (Special Bonus Episode)

Timothy also also shatters the stereotype and the stigma of poetry, he also debunks the so called ‘writers block’ and encourages all of us to sit down and do the work. I had a great time speaking with him and I’m sure his enthusiasm and zeal will motivate you.

If you have children or your young at heart I highly recommend The Two Princesses by Timothy Kimo Brien. This is a fairytale about two young princesses who refuses to go to sleep no matter what. You could find all of his books on Kindle or on his website,

Timothy “Kimo” Brien has started his career in Poetry and Theater in 1990. He learned how to play acoustic guitar and bass guitar from his older brother Pete and tuba from his older brother Mike. Taking this into Thomas Jefferson High School he joined the school orchestra and took a beginning theater class. From there his desires to perform began. He also was stuck in an honors English class so he could take his electives and that is where he found his love of poetry, accidentally. Exposed to T.S. Elliot at that age, specifically, The Hollow Men, led Timothy on a journey of exploration. This was an accident as the class was reading one poem and Timothy was reading the one that would change his life forever.


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