Final Selfie

They ignored the warning signs,
eager to take off their clothes, jump in the lake and pitch their tent in the great outdoors. One of them confronted a native, took out his camera before the lights went out.

Season 2, Micro Episode

Do you enjoy taking selfies? It seems like everywhere you turn someone is posing for the camera. Selfies are awkward. They never seem natural, and don’t get me started with duck faces and cute filters to make you look like an angel. You’ll never catch me taking a selfie, if you do I give you permission to shoot me on spot.

The story your about to listen to is a different kind of selfie, unfortunately this was trending last year. If you are one of these earthlings who derives pleasure from this risky behaviour please stop.


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As you know physical books are becoming less popular, sad but true. I could take your story record it in my voice, add sound effects, music and other sound design techniques. I have worked with authors from around the world to make their projects shine.

I have recorded over 400 podcast and worked around the clock to make each production unique. Reach out to me.


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Earthling Spotlight


The one and only Danielle Novotny is in the Spotlight. She’s the author of the Remade series of books. This is a science fiction adventure that will hold you in your chair until the last page. Please click the link on her name, you could also purchase your copy on Amazon

Danielle Novotny grew up reading all genres of fiction and has always loved writing. Inspired by these stories, she began her writing career in 2016. Remade and Renown are the first two books in her Remade trilogy.

Read Together award.jpg


Music in this episode is from Epidemic Sound

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