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Dark Winter

Dr Needlemeyer, the once respected astrophysicist, claims he’s receiving messages two years into the future about a coming apocalypse. Is he a liar, a lunatic or is he telling the truth?

Season 3, EP 1

Some scientist are convinced its theoretically possible to time travel. The notion that time traveling is restricted to hollywood movies and syfy novels is losing its grip. In recent years scientist are able to move a single particle from one fixed point in time to another, of course this is on a micro level.

To truly bend time or go back to the future we need something more powerful than a DeLorean. Maybe a black hole or something equivalent could bend spacetime and transport our mortal coil into the future.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, we lack the technology to transform this idea into reality. Maybe we will get there.

But what about receiving messages from the future?
This is a form of time travelling on a smaller scale. A black hole or the power of a star is not required, all we need is a quantum computer.

Thank You
Winston Smart was voiced by Timothy Kimo Brien, he’s the host of Create Art Podcast. Also thank you to the #writingcommunity on twitter.


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