Quickening Part 1

A man is chosen to take a one way trip to Mars, his ship spirals out of control and returns to Earth 400 years later.  Season 1, Episode 4 Written by Dark Samaritan, please visit him on Twitter @SamaritanDark I’m a fan of time travelling adventures from Back to the future, Dr Who and the…

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Rebirth Of Man

The human race has fallen, their only hope is in the cybernetic hands of a distant traveller.
Thank you to the incredible James Ray, the Dangerous poet Valerie Neal, the Italian beam of light Miss Poet Miki.
Special thanks to my brother Elvis, and to m…

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My Meeting With Oprah

I had a meeting with Oprah herself she made me an offer I had to refuse Welcome to Season 1, Episode 1. Thank you for joining me on this galactic trip. I’m on Twitter @Poeticearthling   Don’t Forget to subscribe to Poeticearthlings.com      

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