Burnouts and Crazy Pills

Life has a way of throwing you upside down. There’s demands, deadlines and expectations. This episode will ease your stress so you can avoid mental burnouts.

Mothership Episode: 4

The aim of technology is to create  sophisticated systems to alleviate our everyday toil. Objectively speaking it seems to work, with microwave ovens, robot vacuum cleaners and same day express delivery. Amazon recently launched drone delivery where your package will descend from the clouds and land at your doorstep.

Convenience and comfort is a click away as companies cater to our every wish. No need to kill and eat our food when we could swipe the screen and order buckets of chicken. Earth and all of its goodies in one or two taps.

With all of these first world advantages we remain stressed out. The pressure to keep up with our neighbors and hustle for ‘the good life’ has left us spiritually and emotionally deficient in this George Jetson world.

Many of us lack balance and chase after things to quench our immediate needs. We seek comfort from the bosoms of social media with their  ‘likes’ and retweets. No wonder this generation is besset with social anxieties and mental fatigue. However, there is a spiritual facet to our nature that stands in contrast to our animal instincts. 

The Spirit given by the  Architect of the universe can keep us in balance, can keep us whole so our minds will not stray. 


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