Boy Band Conspiracy

What if I told you that the biggest news events are never told, that the government is keeping you fat, amused  and entertained. What your about to hear is what the government doesn’t want you to hear. Are you ready to hear the truth? 

Season 4, episode 11

Despite the title of this episode I don’t believe in most conspiracy theories.These theories rely on pattern recognition and coincidences. You can move letters backwards, replace some with greek letters and spell the mark of the beast.

You can analyze a politician’s hand gestures and conclude he’s a white supremacist.

Our minds instinctually look for patterns that’s how we make sense of the world but our innate pattern recognition could result in false conclusions. Recently I was listening to a Twitter Space all about conspiracies. It was ridiculous and fascinating. The one thing I believe is that the government is trying to distract us.

Some say the boy band craze a few years ago was a calculated attempt to  divert our attention elsewhere. These groups were cleverly stitched together and made to appeal to a wide  demographic. This is just a theory, I’m not telling you to believe it.

What I do believe is that entertainment could be a distraction. How many cat videos can we watch, how much Hollywood gossip can we consume before we throw up? Perhaps the government wants to keep us fat and happy so they can get away with murder.

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Special Appearance in this episode by Emily Inkpen

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