Better Version Of You

Calvin Cappelo is an average white collar office worker. He’s tired of being average. He started listening to a self help book to regain his confidence until things got ugly.

Season 1, Episode 20

I have read a few self help books and tried to implement the principles the best I could.Some things worked. I repeated positive mantras and saw situations from a different perspective. Some things didn’t work for they conflicted with my spiritual views by promising me godlike powers.

It’s tempting to listen to someone that will guide you in the ways of the force and say, ‘do or do not, there is no try.’I notice that some help books conflict with each-other leaving the reader scratching their heads.

All they’re looking for is a straight path to enlightenment not many arrows pointing in different directions.

Special thanks to Tiffany C Lewis, the interview she had with me is on  Rebellion Lit Also her books, Stitcher, Inside out, and El Jeffe is available on Amazon.

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