Dreams Lead

Self quarantined, Social distancing, Wondering if there’s a future beyond the Pandemic?

Dreams Lead will take you to a better world.

Season 1, Episode 21

This episode is written by Yewande Adebowale, a Nigerian Lawyer and gifted writer. It was difficult to choose one of her stories, since they’re all captivating.If you want stories and poetry to uplift your soul then I recommend Voices, and her new book A Tale Of Being, Of Green and Of ing… both available on Amazon.Music By: Sergey Cheremisinov

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Better Version Of You

Calvin Cappelo is an average white collar office worker. He’s tired of being average. He started listening to a self help book to regain his confidence until things got ugly.

Season 1, Episode 20

I have read a few self help books and tried to implement the principles the best I could.Some things worked. I repeated positive mantras and saw situations from a different perspective. Some things didn’t work for they conflicted with my spiritual views by promising me godlike powers.

It’s tempting to listen to someone that will guide you in the ways of the force and say, ‘do or do not, there is no try.’I notice that some help books conflict with each-other leaving the reader scratching their heads.

All they’re looking for is a straight path to enlightenment not many arrows pointing in different directions.

Special thanks to Tiffany C Lewis, the interview she had with me is on  Rebellion Lit Also her books, Stitcher, Inside out, and El Jeffe is available on Amazon.

Music By Scott BuckleyAudio JungleAnd Freesound.org

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Murder Within The Colour Wheel

A Utopian city made out of colours is devastated by a string of homicides, is diversity a blessing or a curse.

Season 1, Episode 19

Special thanks to Jason Shaw from audionautix.com please listen and support this incredible artist. Other sounds and music by freesound.org

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Missing The Super Bowl For No Good Reason

The council of man is deciding to revoke my male membership because I missed the Super Bowl for the umpteenth time.

Season 1, Episode 18 

Male culture consists of eating nachos, drinking beer and crushing the can on their forehead. They exchange war stories, show off their scars and tattoos, talk about babes and booze and their 8 litre engine.I don’t have a good reason to miss the game and whatever excuse I make would sound lame. All I know it was some team called the 49ers and the Chiefs and there star player, Oh what’s his face?

Never been the macho type, my fist are not known to get into fights, even a paper-cut has me shivering, and I’m not into pissing competitions.It’s too bad the male species is reduced to a stereotype, less Shakespeare and more Al Bundy,less Davinci, more Homer Simpson.

We’re expected to live in a tightly confined border where the Male flag is firmly planted, where emotional expression is a single note and tears is a symbol of weakness. Women don’t have to put up with this crap, there not expected to swallow their fears and wrestle a gorilla, or care for a sports team because everyone is watching.

Men can learn a thing or two, but unfortunately are heads are stuck in the bowl.

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Eviction Notice

The tenant kept on kicking and punching the walls keeping the Landlord up through the night. He didn’t pay rent, he ate free food and packed on the weight. Something had to be done but this decision will change their lives forever.

Season 1, Episode 17

I enjoy writing strange, beautiful, awkward characters and placing them in a mirror universe.A mirror universe looks, feels and functions like ours.

The laws of Physics seems identical, but when you look closer you will notice the differences. Some differences are drastic, while most appear trivial and innocuous.It’s within the latter where the magic takes place.Eviction Notice deals with a life and death issue.It’s designed to be listened to by yourself with your headphones.

If I divulge the details of the story before you press play it would shatter the mirror universe leaving it null and void.

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Cosmic Looper

Do you feel sometimes you’re on a hamster wheel, you keep on running but not going anywhere, and history like sitcoms tends to repeat?

Season 1, Episode 16

Crazy man Dion is your stereotypical late night DJ. His task is to pump you up over the radio,  give out prizes and play the music.

In every major city around the world exist a DJ of this calibre, even in my low key nondescript Canadian city. They tend to say the same things and play the same music.

I wonder if some of them are pressured by their station manager to adopt a facade. Dion Carlson changed his name to Crazy man Dion. He changed his personality and his worldview. Dion’s life was controlled by millions of invisible strings.

The idea of free will was only an illusion. Control and self-determination was a myth.

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Quickening Part 4

Eric Raven discovers a horrible truth that possesses dire complications for the human race, but is everything all in his head?

Season 1, Episode 15

Dark Samaritan continues are time travelling adventure with a new dark twist, just when we got comfortable with two Eric Ravens from different time eras he pulls the rug from under are feet by questioning Eric’s sanity.

This is a fair question since our present day Eric suffers from mental illness and relies on medication to keep him stable. Hopefully this story is not all a delusion. To get a hold of Dark Samaritan he’s on Twitter @SamaritanDark

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Arrow Of Time Part 2

What is Time, what are its facets, and how is it calculated?

Season 1, Episode 14

Time Capsule

Crayon drawings of stick figures, arts and craft designs along with our signatures. Outline of our hand prints, a cassette tape thrown in with our favourite music.Autumn sun perched in the clouds.Teacher adjusted his Polaroid as we assembled. This moment will be captured and dated.I may never see their faces again since time has a tendency of moving forward.

Minutes will turn into days, and days into decades. Everything will be fade. Our Childhood crushes and acne, talent shows and bullies, including our awkward teacher holding the camera.

He snapped the photo gathered our stick figures, hand prints and signatures, placed the cassette tape on-top of a Time magazine.Enveloped the photo and wrote the year in the centre.

Our teacher said something about the future generations as he cradled our Future relics, placed them in a box, cut out a portion of the school portable and covered it with wood.

No one wants to be forgotten, we crave immortality. Everyday we build our time capsules to leave our evidence behind, rather books or work of art, or the children we bear.My stick figures, hand print and signature will live on, in a capsule long after I’m gone.

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Darkest Child, by Kevin Macleod

Charm-Train, by Sergey Cheremisinov

Underground Stars, by Loxbeats

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Life Flashes

Cody’s homeland is ravished by a faceless silent intruder, who moves in slow motion. The death toll rises almost undetected, unreported until now.

Season 1, Episode 13

Life Flashes is written by Don Newton please visit his  Website and check out his novels in Amazon

When I was about ten years old I almost died. I pedaled my bicycle to the top of a busy street and then I gunned it down. Most people would take their time, use caution and process the ramifications, but remember I was ten. Thinking ahead and utilizing risk analysis was a foreign concept.

The traffic light turned red. My bicycle was moving at light speed. The cars started to move. I hit the brakes but it was too late. When they say, ‘Life Flashes before your eyes’ they are right. All of my past memories flooded to the surface. Each thought was sharp, distinct.

I knew this was the end, no redo or second chances. I screamed but then I accepted it.I barrelled half way through the intersection narrowly missing the vehicles, jumped the curb and crashed into a street lamp. My bike wrapped around the pole, thankfully I survived without a scar.

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Ultimate Unboxing Video

Trevor, a nondescript YouTube geek, struggles at the bottom of the ratings. He received an Amazon package from the other side of the universe that changed his life forever.

Season 1, Episode 12

This episode is dedicated to Elvis, not that Elvis, but to my big brother. He’s into Drones, and other radio controlled vehicles. His channel, Toronto RC, is the best RC channel on YouTube. I’m not saying that because he’s my brother or probably I am.

The Ultimate Unboxing video is a modern day tale of how far a person can go to achieve fame.Many of us are not satisfied with our carrier or current life status, we long for a promotion, for the office window seat, to be recognized as an influencer in our field.

Social media has made it possible to turn a nobody into a living icon with one viral video.If your lucky your blog post, tweet or rant could be picked up by a major network making you into an overnight sensation.But you have better chances of being struck by lightning or winning the lotto max, non the less people kill themselves for the price of fame.

Why do we do this?I think the answer is immortality.We want to leave our mark and not a footnote. We want our star to continue to shine long after we’re gone.

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Music for this episode is by:Jason ShawMy brother’s channel is Toronto RC Don Newton’s short story, Life Flashes, will be our next episode. Check out his latest Novel the Prophet on Amazon