5 lessons from Dora The Explorer

I have a confession to make, I watched Dora The Explorer. It wasn’t as traumatizing as I thought and I learned 5 principles that will make you more creative.

Ep 1

  1. Lean into your weirdness
  2. Not everyone is going to like it
  3. Know what your not
  4. Keep it simple
  5. Remember your roots

If you apply these principles consistently in your creative process you will be one step further in achieving your goals.


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Panda and The Poet

I was a special guest on the Connoisseur Panda.
We talked about the current state of Hip-Hop, converting stories into audio dramas and finding inspiration from Netflix.

It was great speaking with Patrice Rostón, her energy and warmth is infectious. Please follow her on Instagram: @patriceroston or Follow The Connoisseur Panda on Twitter: @connoisseurpan.

House Of Flimsy Cards

The world is a deck of playing cards
Mixed and shuffled with jokers and kings. An ace in the hole, a jack of all trades, have carefully positioned this deluxe pyramid.

It rises and soars, it’s colours abound
impressive was babel before the fall. 
The clubs are at the bottom supporting the diamonds,
The Spades seem content 
in their affluent position. 
I enter my townhouse
they enter their palace 
can hardly afford my Kia
they are on their 3rd or 4th Lexus. 

The spades are controlled by the Queen 
she has them by her bra strings
and tells them what to do. 


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Hell and Reconciliations

Mr Finkelman woke up and realized he was in hell.
How did he there? What were the signs, and could he warn his friends and family before it’s too late?

Season 2, Episode 11

Welcome to the Season 2 finale. Take a moment, pat yourself on the back and reflect on your journey. Hopefully these episodes made you think and question reality.
As an Earthling you are constantly growing in your self awareness at least I hope you are. One of the goals of this show is to foster a healthy curiosity, to challenge are thinking and deepen our understanding of what it means to be human.

Despite the current trend of dividing humanity into skin colour, ethnicity and cultural lines this show attempts to display the universal truth that we are one species created by a Divine Architect.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

Thank you for taking the time with me to explore these truths.
Sometimes we don’t want to hear the truth, but it’s always good medicine.

What’s Next

I have pre recorded a spin-off show called, The Mothership. This show goes behind the curtains of Poetic Earthlings so you can see the creative process at work. If your a writer that’s battling with writer’s block, imposter syndrome and other creative potholes this show will get you back on track. They are between 15 to 20 minutes so you can get back to writing.


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Pray And Run

The Pray and Run policy wasn’t working,
as the streets remained deadly.
The cities Health and Safety Inspector devised a simple way to protect his citizens from the foreign invaders, but will the council listen and change the policy before it’s too late.

Season 2, Episode 10

Special Announcement:

Season 2 ends two weeks from now, don’t worry I’m not going to leave you for a couple of months with nothing to listen to, what kind of Earthling would I be?

So I will release the Mothership. This podcast goes behind the scenes of the main show to show you where I come up with crazy ideas and the mental hurdles along the way.

If your an artist this show will help you to overcome imposter syndrome, creativity droughts and negative thinking. Each episode will be short so you can go back to your work of art.


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Rabbit Holes and Lucky Charms

Look around you, the world is not as it seems. Everything is connected by a single thread. Sometimes we go down rabbit holes and lose are purpose, other times we find lucky charms along the way.

Season 2, Episode 9

This is the most unusual episode of season 2 so far and I couldn’t have created it without the help of Yewande Akinse, Mihai Brinas, Matt Seeley and the man of mystery Dark Samaritan.

Their contribution elevated this concept from fleeting thoughts in my mind, to a tangible experience that goes beyond this world.


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Special Thanks:

Thanks once again to the incredible poets on this episode:
Matt Seeley is at mspoetry.com and you can tweet him @MattSeeleypoems

Mihai Brinas can be reached on Twitter @MihaiBrinas

Invitation to Poetry Kindle Edition

Yewande Akinse is at Yewande.me and on Twitter at @Adwande


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White Authors, Special Bonus Episode

I met a white dude on the bus reading a book about African slavery, I felt uncomfortable but not for the reasons you may think.

Season 2, Episode 8

My wife wants to trace are family tree, it would take a long time since our history is covered with invisible ink.

This episode is not intended to make my White brothers and sisters feel guilty, keep in mind we are all Earthlings created by a Divine Architect. White Authors was written to explore unhealthy stereotypes of the black race and free our minds from historic ignorance.


Gord Lanyon is the Author of the Science Fiction novel The God Hunters, he’s a friend of mine on Twitter and a fellow nerdy Canadian.

His book is available on Amazon, please follow the links and purchase your copy.


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Canadian Peacekeepers

He found himself in the middle of hell. Bullets ricocheted, bombs exploded but there was a voice on the other side of reality desperately trying to get his attention.

Season 2, Episode 7

When I was younger I thought about joining the Canadian Military, the noble task of protecting the country and exporting Canadian values around the world was enticing.

The closest I came to wearing the uniform was when my best friend joined Air Cadets.
My two or three day stay was spent being barked at by the drill instructor and forced to do push-ups, I suck at push-ups.

Sometimes we could have a romantic or an ideologistic view of the Military, perhaps it’s just me. But after quitting Air Cadets in less than a week it confirms that I’m not military material.


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Aiden’s Escape

Aiden’s community was surrounded by four glass walls. No one imagined a universe outside of the confinements. His people’s two year lifespan consisted of procreation and survival. Aiden wanted to go beyond his limits, his only hope is to breach the wall.

Season 2, Episode 6

Do you feel that your life is one continuous maze with dead ends and detours? Social media is all about displaying our strengths and not our weaknesses. Aiden’s Escape will go beyond the walls to see how we’re manipulated and controlled.

There was a time when government officials and people in authority were respected, we took their word as the gospel and pledged our allegiance.

However, in this current time our vanguards of truth have went astray, not just the politicians but the media as well.

Is humanity under a microscope, controlled and tested by the corporate elites?
I’m not a conspiracy theorist, sometimes I like to stir the pot and ask questions.

It is healthy to questions things, to be critical but not a cynic. Challenging are basic beliefs and assumptions sharpens the mind.
When we forfeit are tools of reasoning we hold are mental doors open and accept every half-baked theory that flutters by.


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Hillside Crosses, Bonus Episode

This is a story of a modern day Mr. Scrooge. He was haunted by his former employees that hung from the Hillside Crosses.

Mr. Bender, a Senior Vice President at a major medical supply company, made it standard practice to fire as many employees as H.R. would allow before the end of the year as a cost-saving

His goal was to cut just enough
employees to save money, but not so many that production suffered. Every December, it was the same: fire and count the savings.

And each year, he was getting more and more efficient at his “corporate game” until one day, his game changed thanks to an old wooden cross and the grace of an
employee he once mercilessly fired.

Written by Brent Stark from the Most Precious Commodity podcast.
Please listen and subscribe to his show.


Tim Hardie is the author of Hall of Bones, available on Amazon.
Check out his website timhardieauthor.co.uk


His Twitter: @TimHardieAuthor


2020 is a year to remember or forget, but I can’t forget my listeners for your encouraging tweets and messages.


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Amazing Race

You were the fastest swimmer,
your tiny body made it across the finish line. This is Your story.

Season 2, Episode 5

Everyone matters, from an unformed fetus, to your grandmother in her golden years.
Human life is not irrelevant or random.
We are not cosmic accidents.
We are not insignificant space particles drifting aimlessly.

In are disposable, secular culture there’s a tendency to ignore the sacred.
Everything about us is sacred.
It’s important to remember within this Cannibalistic society.

This episode is the prequel to Eviction Notice from Season one, please give it a listen.


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