Amazing Race

You were the fastest swimmer,
your tiny body made it across the finish line. This is Your story.

Season 2, Episode 5

Everyone matters, from an unformed fetus, to your grandmother in her golden years.
Human life is not irrelevant or random.
We are not cosmic accidents.
We are not insignificant space particles drifting aimlessly.

In are disposable, secular culture there’s a tendency to ignore the sacred.
Everything about us is sacred.
It’s important to remember within this Cannibalistic society.

This episode is the prequel to Eviction Notice from Season one, please give it a listen.


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About the Author
York Campbell is the host of the Poetic Earthlings Podcast, he’s a published author with over 25 years experience, in science fiction, poetry and short stories. His writing has been showcased in articles, radio stations and TV. He was also one of the pioneers in the underground hip hop movement in Toronto. Poetic Earthlings-Stories to alter your perception, is available on your favourite Podcast Player, Including Spotify, Tunein and iHeartRadio.

1 comment on “Amazing Race

  1. Okon Ukeme Cornelius Dominic says:

    If we have made it and won the microcosmic race then we should keep all hopes alive and run the ecosystem cosmic race.

    We have to do more reflections and meditation upon our existence and why every moment plays out the way it does. Existential outlook to life is very important…

    Thanks for this inspiring podcast show. I love it as always.

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