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Queen Of The QR Codes

There is a secret code, it has four sides with a series of numbers. Unlocking these codes is essential, knowing how to create them makes you a wizard.

I had an interview with author and podcaster Shawntay Fields.
She is the host of Call To Action, it’s a show dedicated to inspiring, educating and informing entrepreneurs and self starters. She offers tech advice to help you navigate this ever changing and complicated world.

Shawntay Fields is the Queen of the QR codes, her new audio book, QR codes for beginners, will walk you through the advantages for writer’s to use these codes to maximize your exposure.

I know what your thinking this may seem way too techy but hang in there.
Shawntay has a way of making everything accessible, cool and relatable.

Also, Shawntay plays a pivotal role in the Replacement Wife, an upcoming episode.

Thank you for listening to the Mothership Episodes, Season three of the main show starts in June.

Sit back, relax put on your headgear and enjoy this interview.


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My fabulous guest, Shawntay is on Twitter at to listen to her podcast, Call To Action and to purchase her book go to her website


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