Month: May 2022

Houses Of Grace (Bonus Ep)

Many stories are distorted or forgotten by the machinery of time, on this bonus episode Author Brent Stark speaks of the unbelievable story of a tribe you may never have heard of. Off Season Episode is written by Brent Stark including the below synopsis Some people claim the site that sits at the foot of…

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Poking A Hole In Your “Lived Experience”

The so-called “lived experience” what does it mean and why should we care. Off Season Episode There’s always a new catch phrase hot off the assembly line that people use and abuse without measure. Case in point, “lived experience. “On this behind the scenes episode we’ll see if this is a blessing or curse for…

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Elon Musk And The End Of The World

How one billionaire sparked mass hysteria and what this means for writers. You may have heard rumors of the sky falling and humanity torpedoing to its demise. Not from a rogue nation stockpiling weapons of mass destruction or from a solar flare threatening to reduce us to the┬ástone age, but from one eccentric billionaire Elon…

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