Month: August 2021

Beast Within

There is a beast living inside of us, it could either be a source of strength or destruction. Season 3, Episode 9Earthling Spotlight My special guest is Gordon D Lanyon he is the author of The God Hunters, his debut science fiction novel. We talked about character development, world building and the pros and cons…

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Connected Dots

Some events in our lives seem random like unconnected dots, when we look closer we see the threads. Season 3 Episode 8 If there’s no purpose in life than the pursuit of one’s pleasure then the human experience will have no meaning. True meaninglessness is to inhabit a universe without strings. To exist as a…

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Tom Cruise VS Jesus

The Hollywood Superstar or the Chosen One, who will you choose. S3 Episode 7 Jesus has been misunderstood, misscategorized and maligned.He’s the most famous man to ever walk the Earth. His teachings and way of life is both magnetizing and polarizing. He was born a rebel, lived as a revolutionist and died as a martyr.His…

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