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Day: 5 July 2021

Replacement Wife

My wife was replaced by Celeste, She was similar to her in many ways but in other ways more deadly.

S3 Ep 4

Special Performance

Thank you to Alex from the Time For Your Hobby podcast. This is his first time in an audio drama and I hope it’s not his last.
I was also a guest on his so I guess us Canadians’ have to stick together.

Thank you also to Shawantay from the Call To Action Podcast. She was the voice of Celeste. She is also the author of an audio book, QR Codes for beginners, you could purchase your copy on


All the funky grooves is from Szymalix at
This guy is a genius please check him out and buy his music.


Thank you for spreading this podcast to your friends and family I really appreciate it.
Also, thank you for buying me a coffee at
Every dollar helps to make this show even better.

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