Month: July 2021

Rebel Leader

Don’t you wish you can defy the norms and rebel against the system. Our special guest Tiffany C Lewis shows us the way. Earthling Spotlight, ** Bonus EpisodeS3, Ep 6 Have you read a book you couldn’t put down? Tiffany’s recent short story book, Helpless is one of those. This book is comprised of eight…

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Jimmy’s Abduction

A certified bigot, an uncanny heist and the coming apocalypse. Humanity hangs in the balance of a simple farmer who pays his taxes and keeps his head down. The clock is ticking, is it too late. S3 Ep 5 The universe is too vast for us to be the only intelligent liform, you may disagree….

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Replacement Wife

My wife was replaced by Celeste, She was similar to her in many ways but in other ways more deadly. S3 Ep 4 Special Performance Thank you to Alex from the Time For Your Hobby podcast. This is his first time in an audio drama and I hope it’s not his last.I was also a…

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