Bonus Ep: Most Precious Interview

Author, Podcaster and one of my favorite earthling, Brent Stark, sat with me to talk about his podcast Most Precious commodity.

Brent writes short stories with a bit of time travelling to keep you on your toes.
I enjoyed discussing his creative process and what drives him to create his stories.


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When They Call Your Baby Ugly

You finished writing your Magnus opus and someone has the audacity to point out it’s faults, what do you do?

Off season, episode 2

If you have been writing stories for a good length of time you’ll attract haters and lovers.
Hopefully more lovers than hatters.

There is a third category, objective critic. This person will dissect your story, study all the nuts and bolts and see if your story holds together.

We need the objective critic, not the cheerleader. The objective critic sharpens our skills, the cheerleader strokes our ego.

To be honest I would rather be sourounded by beautiful cheerleaders telling me how awesome I am, but in my innermost soul I need the objective critic.

In today’s parlance ‘criticism’ is viewed as a negative word so we desperately try to avoid it. The very thing that could improve our writing we run away from.
How strange.


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Bonus EP/ The Quickening

You have been chosen to take a one way trip to Mars, your shuttle goes off course 400 years into the future.

Written by Dark Samaritan

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5 lessons from Dora The Explorer

I have a confession to make, I watched Dora The Explorer. It wasn’t as traumatizing as I thought and I learned 5 principles that will make you more creative.

Ep 1

  1. Lean into your weirdness
  2. Not everyone is going to like it
  3. Know what your not
  4. Keep it simple
  5. Remember your roots

If you apply these principles consistently in your creative process you will be one step further in achieving your goals.


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