White Authors, Special Bonus Episode

I met a white dude on the bus reading a book about African slavery, I felt uncomfortable but not for the reasons you may think.

Season 2, Episode 8

My wife wants to trace are family tree, it would take a long time since our history is covered with invisible ink.

This episode is not intended to make my White brothers and sisters feel guilty, keep in mind we are all Earthlings created by a Divine Architect. White Authors was written to explore unhealthy stereotypes of the black race and free our minds from historic ignorance.


Gord Lanyon is the Author of the Science Fiction novel The God Hunters, he’s a friend of mine on Twitter and a fellow nerdy Canadian.

His book is available on Amazon, please follow the links and purchase your copy.


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Canadian Peacekeepers

He found himself in the middle of hell. Bullets ricocheted, bombs exploded but there was a voice on the other side of reality desperately trying to get his attention.

Season 2, Episode 7

When I was younger I thought about joining the Canadian Military, the noble task of protecting the country and exporting Canadian values around the world was enticing.

The closest I came to wearing the uniform was when my best friend joined Air Cadets.
My two or three day stay was spent being barked at by the drill instructor and forced to do push-ups, I suck at push-ups.

Sometimes we could have a romantic or an ideologistic view of the Military, perhaps it’s just me. But after quitting Air Cadets in less than a week it confirms that I’m not military material.


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Aiden’s Escape

Aiden’s community was surrounded by four glass walls. No one imagined a universe outside of the confinements. His people’s two year lifespan consisted of procreation and survival. Aiden wanted to go beyond his limits, his only hope is to breach the wall.

Season 2, Episode 6

Do you feel that your life is one continuous maze with dead ends and detours? Social media is all about displaying our strengths and not our weaknesses. Aiden’s Escape will go beyond the walls to see how we’re manipulated and controlled.

There was a time when government officials and people in authority were respected, we took their word as the gospel and pledged our allegiance.

However, in this current time our vanguards of truth have went astray, not just the politicians but the media as well.

Is humanity under a microscope, controlled and tested by the corporate elites?
I’m not a conspiracy theorist, sometimes I like to stir the pot and ask questions.

It is healthy to questions things, to be critical but not a cynic. Challenging are basic beliefs and assumptions sharpens the mind.
When we forfeit are tools of reasoning we hold are mental doors open and accept every half-baked theory that flutters by.


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