Hillside Crosses, Bonus Episode

This is a story of a modern day Mr. Scrooge. He was haunted by his former employees that hung from the Hillside Crosses.

Mr. Bender, a Senior Vice President at a major medical supply company, made it standard practice to fire as many employees as H.R. would allow before the end of the year as a cost-saving

His goal was to cut just enough
employees to save money, but not so many that production suffered. Every December, it was the same: fire and count the savings.

And each year, he was getting more and more efficient at his “corporate game” until one day, his game changed thanks to an old wooden cross and the grace of an
employee he once mercilessly fired.

Written by Brent Stark from the Most Precious Commodity podcast.
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Amazing Race

You were the fastest swimmer,
your tiny body made it across the finish line. This is Your story.

Season 2, Episode 5

Everyone matters, from an unformed fetus, to your grandmother in her golden years.
Human life is not irrelevant or random.
We are not cosmic accidents.
We are not insignificant space particles drifting aimlessly.

In are disposable, secular culture there’s a tendency to ignore the sacred.
Everything about us is sacred.
It’s important to remember within this Cannibalistic society.

This episode is the prequel to Eviction Notice from Season one, please give it a listen.


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Goldfish Suicide Letter

Life sometimes feels like a fishbowl,
you swim in one direction bump your head and swim the other way.
This goldfish had enough and decided to jump.

Season 2, Micro Episode

Goldfish’s Suicide Letter was written in a dismal time in my life.
I felt like a Goldfish in my small bachelor apartment as I contemplated the worse.

If you can relate to this story seek help, depression grows when you remain silent.

We need eachother, as the scriptures says, “man is not meant to be alone.”
And as John Donne phrased it, “No man is an Island.”


Timothy Kimo Brien is a poet, author, Podcaster and visual artist.
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E.C.G And A Bar Of Soap

Slipped on a bar of soap, struck my head and rushed to the hospital. In and out of consciousness as I heard my family plotting the unthinkable.

Season 2, Episode 4

To test your humanity you have to be pushed to the limit. Living in a perpetual state of luxury does not heighten spiritual awareness, on the contrary it could make you docile and impotent.

In our current North American culture we are in pursuit of the happy pill, or we desire for the Government to pay our bills, wipe our nose and take out the trash.

Whenever a nation becomes wealthy and at relative peace her citizens become apathetic and lethargic. Since there’s no wars to fight and famine to vanquish we become selfish and small minded.

Rather than giving ourselves over to creative projects and uplifting our fellow Earthlings we try to find blemishes.
Instead of forgiveness and understanding we are quick to press the cancel button.

In this story are main protagonist is on the verge of cancellation. On the surface he’s an awful Earthling who only cares about himself. However, before we reach for the cancel button we need to look at ourselves in the mirror.


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