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Suzy And The Enforcer Act 2

The Enforcer is wanted by the State as he travels through the Wasteland with a screaming, dirty and hungry Suzy by his side.

Season 5, Episode 1

Written by: Samaritan Dark  Twitter @Samaritandark 

We return to the post apocalyptic world where humanity’s fate relies in the hands of a rogue Enforcer. 

Even though the Enforcer is mechanical and his mind is a system of AI components he understands that humans are sacred. 

He travels with Suzy through the Wasteland doing his best to protect her. By doing this he’s defying his basic programming and the authority of the State. 

We could all learn from the Enforcer, some government rules are immoral and go against the human soul. 

Too often we’re programmed and refuse to think for ourselves, whatever our leaders dictate we fall in line like trained seals. 

As fellow citizens of Earth we need to speak clearly, boldly and passionately before all of our freedoms are stripped away. 

Earthling Studio.

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Special performance by Emily Inkpen from the Dex Legacy Series. Author, Tiffany C Lewis from the Beta Reader Bits podcast 

Alex from Time For Your Hobby podcast 

Thanks once again to the lady with the golden voice Shawntay from 

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Music For This Episode by Epidemic Sound 

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Suzy and the Enforcer (Encore)

An Enforcer’s objective is to eliminate the infidels who rebel against the State, but when he meets Suzy everything changes. 

Just in case you missed part 1 from the Season 4 finale here it is again. When you’re finished  you can download and listen to part 2 which will lead you into Season 5. Special thanks to the lady with the golden voice, Shawntay from 

Earthling Studio

Thinking about podcasting but you dread the thought of audio editing? Send me a DM on twitter @poeticearthling so we can have a 30 minute free zoom chat to see if my services are right for you. 

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The following music was used for this media project:

Music: Cinematic HipHop 001 by Sascha Ende

Free download:

License (CC BY 4.0):

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Letter From My Wife

I became obsessed with this podcast so my wife wrote me her final letter.

Micro Episode

If we are not careful we can neglect the people we love the most. I was so focused on writing season 5 that I lost touch with my wife. I’m sharing this letter as warning, please don’t be like me.

Season 5 of this show will arrive later on this year with a new name, Welcome To Earth Stories, along with a new cover art.

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Messenger Pigeon

The Emanuclearians wants to deliver a message the other side will never forget, what kind of message is it and is their disciple up for the task?

This is a special Micro Episode, season 5 will arrive later on this year with a new name, Welcome To Earth Stories. It will be on the same feed but with a new cover art, please follow the show and spread the message.

One of my favourite audio dramas is Chaika, ( please follow the links and prepare to be amazed.

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60 Seconds Of Madness

I only have 60 seconds before the angry mob breaks the glass and drags my body from the phone booth.

This is my attempt to create a show trailer. Some professional podcasters told me this is a good idea to attract more listeners but while I was recording I transported to 1985.

The new season is arriving later on this year along with a new name, Welcome To Earth Stories.

Do not adjust your channel, the show will be on the same feed but with a brand new cover.

Contact me on Twitter @Poeticearthling

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Elevated Inferno **Bonus EP

As you know I enjoy alien invasions, high speed car chases, and post apocalyptic worlds. Romance was never my thing until now.

You may accuse me of having a typical male brain, whatever that means. But I’m not one dimensional, I do like the softer things in life such as puppies and rainbows. 

However romance novels were never my thing. I always thought of them as too sappy, too mushy, but when I read Elevated Inferno by Carlotta Ardell it changed my mind. 

For one it’s not mushy and two it’s not sappy. It’s probably because the author is a Robotics Engineer so she doesn’t get lost in emotional dribble.

Yeah that’s right my special guest designs robots. How cool is that? Why would a Doctor in Robotics write a romance novel?

Podcast Editing Services

Have you thought of creating your own podcast but can’t be bothered with all the technical stuff. If you want to record and have someone else worry about the compression, the leveling, the sound clips and music then I’m your guy.

I’ve been sound designing successful  shows such as Most Precious Commodity and Beta Reader Bits. Currently I have two spots available.

You can DM me on Twitter @poeticearthling

Special thanks to Carlotta Ardell, please take a sneak peak of her Debut novel Elevated Inferno at Release date is July 1st 2022, you can pre-order your copy at

Also thank you to Emily Inkpen for reading the chapters. Please check out her Podcast The Dex Legacy.

Resource material for this episode is from Robin Lovett’s article, The Structure of Romance, published on April 3rd, 2018 

Season 5 of Poetic Earthlings later this year, remember to subscribe and tell a friend. 

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Houses Of Grace (Bonus Ep)

Many stories are distorted or forgotten by the machinery of time, on this bonus episode Author Brent Stark speaks of the unbelievable story of a tribe you may never have heard of.

Off Season

Episode is written by Brent Stark including the below synopsis

Some people claim the site that sits at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains is so beautiful and serene that it reaches up and touches the face of God. It’s a place covered with lush, green forests where crystal blue streams rush down the majestic hillsides, refreshing the land’s inhabitants.

But, on the other hand, some call it the saddest location in Ohio. Why? What happened here so long ago? Why haven’t many heard about this tragic location? Make sure you tune in to learn about the bravery and faith displayed by those in the Houses of Grace.

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Poking A Hole In Your “Lived Experience”

The so-called “lived experience” what does it mean and why should we care.

Off Season Episode

There’s always a new catch phrase hot off the assembly line that people use and abuse without measure.

Case in point, “lived experience. “On this behind the scenes episode we’ll see if this is a blessing or curse for writers. 

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Also, I was interviewed on the First Episode Of podcast hosted by W. Keith Tims 

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Elon Musk And The End Of The World

How one billionaire sparked mass hysteria and what this means for writers.

You may have heard rumors of the sky falling and humanity torpedoing to its demise. Not from a rogue nation stockpiling weapons of mass destruction or from a solar flare threatening to reduce us to the stone age, but from one eccentric billionaire Elon Musk.

In the children’s story, Chicken Little, mass hysteria was at its peak. Little was convinced of the immediate apocalypse so he made it his mission to scream it from the rooftops.

Mass hysteria is a virus, it spreads its pestilence through social media and turns us into ravenous wolves. 

What is the “unforgivable sin” of Elon Musk? 

Free speech.

He wants everyone to share their views without the threat of being cancelled. He feels a thriving democracy is an exchange of ideas.

For writers this should be good news. It’s vital to listen and read opposing views, this is how we grow and become better earthlings. 

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How To Eliminate Half Of Your Audience

There’s some creators who make it a habit to alienate half of their audience, what are they thinking?

Off Season

Isn’t strange when your favorite writer, celeb or podcaster goes out of their way to attack half of their potential audience. In today’s world everything is political down to a comedy sketch to your favorite ice-cream. If you’re not all the way left or right of the political spectrum there are pundits forcing you to pick a side, and not just joining the club but going to war against the other camp. Even on Twitter bios the line is clear, you’re either with me or against me.

Like sheep, many of us believe the mass media, stick to our own kind and cast an evil eye on outsiders. We as earthlings need to rise above the pigeonhole and stop alienating each other.

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